Be the V.i.P.

Money Mindset Breakthrough VIP Day

This VIP Day is designed to identify and address your most pressing problems when it comes to creating a thriving business and what’s blocking your money manifestation. Some topics we can cover during this focused time are: • Clearing old, unhelpful money paradigms passed down to you that are blocking your money and wealth • Clearing issues around worthiness and deserving (showing up as under-charging for example) • Releasing fears around self-promotion and speaking confidently about your skills or services • Clearing fears and blocks to selling yourself and your services (ie. fear of making sales calls, asking for the sale, asking for payment, etc.).

More Money Mindset VIP Details

Wherever you are geographically, this concentrated session can be geared to meet your needs via video conference or live one on one meeting. The process begins with a thorough needs assessment and an introduction to the Tapping into Wealth concepts. Next, we will together set the goals for the 4 hour block. You will have a 30 minute break in between and upon the end of our time together, a recording of the session, an Action Item list, and a post-VIP day follow-up session to be booked within the next 30 days.

Service Features

VIP in Person or Via Video Conference

This Four Hour Deep Dive Money Mindset VIP day (with a break) can be done via video or in person. It will begin with several pre-assignments to create the optimal plan for our time and to create freedom from your most pressing emotional money issues. Sessions will be recorded for future review.

Tapping into Wealth Book and Journal

As part of this VIP package, you will receive a copy of the Tapping into Wealth book and a journal to document your breakthroughs and action items.

Customized Audio Recordings to Up-level Your Money Mindset

Receive 3 Bonus Tapping into Wealth audios focused on achieving your primary goal. Use these powerful audios on a regular and consistent basis to re-wire your brain, calm your nervous system around money, and uplevel your wealth set-point.

Follow Up Session to Cement Progress

Your 75 minute follow-up session will be scheduled within 30 days to cement your learning, review your action items, and foster new habits around your emotional relationship with your money.

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