Tapping into Wealth Transformation Group

In this 7 week series, you will have the opportunity to experience powerful transformations in your relationship with your money. You will see with clarity the hidden roots,  beliefs, rules, emotions and traumas that are connected to your money set point and create your NEW money paradigm.

Transform Your Money Mindset

Along with gaining huge ‘Ah-a’ insights, you will be guided through 6 specific exercises using Energy Psychology techniques to lift the huge weight of your inner wealth blocks, quickly shifting your entire perspective to peace, and find a new sense of clarity and possibility around your money and worthiness. From this new place, you will then be able to invest your brilliance, energy, enthusiasm, and determination into managing and growing your money!

Service Features

Feature #1

  • 7 Week TeleSeries held via phone conference line

  • All sessions will be recorded and available for future listening

Feature #2

  • Get group support via our Closed Facebook Group

  • Post questions, wins, frustrations and get support on your journey!

Feature #3

  • Group Membership includes a 45 minute individual deep dive session on any TIW subject

  • Session can be recorded for future reference

Feature #4

  • Option to Upgrade to additional One on One Sessions 

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