Tapping into Wealth

One on One Coaching

Take Your Confidence and Money to the Next Level!

My personalized one on one coaching programs are crafted to meet your personal needs while also incorporating the powerful, transformative processes of Tapping into Wealth. I will work with you over 3, 6 or 9 months to clear negative beliefs you carry about money, wealth, your debt or your power as an heart-centered entrepreneur. Through intensive work, education, supportive accountability, and lots of fun moments, I will help you create your new money story and help you create the unstoppable belief in yourself to create a business that you love and loves you back!

Here's What We'll Cover!

* Early Money Paradigms from Parents/Caregivers * Money Shadows and the Downside of Wealth * Dealing with the Emotional Fallout of Debt * Raising Your Income/ Raising Fees * Overcoming Overwhelm and Self-Sabotage * The Courage to Shine * Releasing Financial Traumas, and much, much more.



Personalized One on One Coaching

We will begin with an assessment of where you are starting from and what your business and income goals are. Our sessions can be scheduled via online video conference, telephone or in person. Sessions will be recorded if desired so that you can review our work together.

Unlimited Email Access

Between sessions, you will receive unlimited email support from me. Use this feature to get added support and accountability, clarity about your next steps, work through procrastination and overwhelm. This is a remarkably valuable feature that can accelerate your progress as you stay on track with your laser-focused actions and money mindset transformation.

Personalized Action Planning

You will not only experience inner transformation through the Tapping into Wealth processes to shift your money mindset and elevate your confidence, but you will also leave each session with your own action plan to move your business and personal power forward. By combining the inner work with practical, targeted action steps, you will gain the momentum you have been seeking.


Along with our one on one meetings and unlimited email support, you will receive bonus “Turbo Tap” sessions with your package. These sessions are designed to target a specific problem or stuck point (ie. anxiety before a sales meeting, writer’s block, announcing your new fees to former clients, etc). Using these targeted sessions, you will find yourself confident and ready to meet the challenge at hand.

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