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Most clients start with a Complimentary 75 minute Money Mindset Clarity Session. Why does CLARITY matter? When you have lack of clarity, you don’t know what is blocking you, you don’t know how to address it, and you don’t see a path to making progress and change. Normally valued at $200, this session is my gift to you.

Here is what we will do together in this valuable session together:

Get really clear on your goals, both short-term and long-term

I will diagnosis the biggest obstacles that have been stopping you

Give you my best recommendations for strategy and exactly what you should focus on to move forward in your relationship with money

My honest evaluation of whether I can help you and your business based on your goals and my skills

This amazing session will be recorded so that you can have the “Ah-ha” moments, clarity, and strategy right there at your fingertips to review again and again.

Once we’ve covered those areas, I will share with you my recommendations, whether it be one of my individual coaching programs, a group program, or referral to someone better suited to help you. Schedule your session and give yourself the gift of clarity to move your life, money, and business forward.

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