What I Can Do for You

I show smart, driven, heart-centered entrepreneurs who love what they do, but struggle with stepping up and standing out, how to confidently market and sell their services so they can earn at the highest level in their field and stand out as the expert they already are. 

I am passionate about helping business owners clear their inner blocks and fears that keep them stuck and under-earning. Through the cutting edge coaching of Tapping into Wealth, I help my clients experience the on-fire enthusiasm and healthy self-confidence that is key to long-term business success. The end result for you is doing the work you love while helping others, building your wealth, and creating a life of passion and purpose.

My Philosophy and How It Can Help You

I believe that we are all innately born with a brilliance and passion for life, work and play. It’s the layers of painful experiences, negative beliefs we’ve bought into, and feelings of self-doubt that get in the way of us living our true potential.   The clients I love working with see their work as a powerful force in the world and long to life life as a creative playground where they can have a meaningful and powerful influence on people and the planet. My belief is this all starts with return to our self-love and self-acceptance along with the release of the painful blocks held in our minds and bodies.

My Methods

As a Certified Tapping into Wealth Coach, I use the powerful processes taught to me by Margaret Lynch which are designed to remove the blocks that entrepreneurs face when building and maintaining a fulfilling, heart-centered business.  These processes are designed to uncover the unconscious, limiting beliefs that show up as procrastination, fear of standing out and shining, self-sabotaging work habits and behaviors with money, and so much more.   I am such an advocate and believer of EFT, or Tapping. It’s the magical combination of modern psychology with the ancient healing power of using the energy systems in our bodies (think acupuncture without the needles). With countless double-blind studies proving it’s efficacy, Emotional Freedom Technique has helped my clients move towards greater earning, better savings habits, and increased sense of worthiness and deserving, and breakthrough limiting behaviors and beliefs keeping them and their businesses stuck.  Using the “Tapping into Wealth” Program in my own personal work and with my clients has been the most revolutionary healing process in these areas that I’ve ever seen in my 20 years as a Professional in the field of Psychology. I hope you’ll explore more to see what Tapping into Wealth Coaching can do for you, your business, your wealth, and your emotional and psychological health!

Your Goals

The goals I set with my clients are as individual as the client themselves.  That said, some of your goals may look like: Letting go of the overwhelm and fear around managing your business, raising your service fees, packaging your products and services in a leveraged way, healing old fears around public speaking/being seen and heard, increasing your savings account size, decreasing your debt, promoting your services and offerings to bigger audiences, getting booked for speaking engagements and online forums, healing your childhood pain around money passed down from parents/caregivers, releasing events that have left you feeling not “good enough”, and eliminating or reducing habit that are harmful to your financial health (ie. over-spending, under-earning, over-giving, and /or avoiding looking at your finances).

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