Resources & Tools

Here are links to some of my favorite resources and tools

Here is a list of professionals and resources that I feel strongly will help heart-centered entrepreneurs like you grow personally, financially, and professionally.

Connie Vanderzanden is a Profit First Professional and owner of Accounting Department Inc. in Portland, Oregon. Connie’s business specializes in helping business owners make PROFIT their first priority through a system designed to put your business on a spending plan so it keeps entrepreneurs out of poverty and into PROFIT! To learn more about Connie, visit To schedule your complimentary “Initial Profit Jumpstart Session” with Connie click here:

The Tapping Solution is one of the best websites to get clear, free information about Emotional Freedom Technique and all the amazing uses for it. Their yearly Tapping Summit starts on February 27th, 2017 and features free interviews and tapping sessions with the most respected practitioners in the healing industry. Register now to listen free to 20 of the leading experts in Emotional Freedom Technique!

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