One of the common but unrecognized blocks that heart-centered business owners experience is the fear that if they start earning at a high level, they will become like those they disdain – figures in media or politics or some other high-profile person that uses money and wealth to overpower, crush, and dominate others. In the Tapping into Wealth world, we call that the “Money Shadow”. If we aren’t aware of this deep-seated fear that if we create wealth and success, we will become a heartless, despised figure, we can sabotage ourselves without even realizing what’s happening.

One of my mentors, Pamela Bruner of Make Your Success Real and co-author of Tapping into Success, talks about “money as an amplifier”. This is the concept that who a person is at their core will only be made stronger and “amplified” once money and wealth comes into their life. So, a person who wishes to empower and do good work in the world will step more solidly into that place with money as their resource.   Likewise, someone who at their core wishes to use wealth negatively will continue to wield power over others and leverage it in a destructive way.  

If you look at this in the context of what’s happening in the current political system in the USA, we are faced with a monumental example of a Money Shadow along with less dominant figures who wield a similar force. If in your own personal life you’ve had family members, friends, or relationships with others who have used money as a weapon, you may have created a negative Money Shadow associated with that person/people. As an entrepreneur with heart and an unshakable mission to create good in the world, we can look at these dark forces and unknowingly say to ourselves, “I never want to be like that!”, ie. “wealth = destruction, domination and even evil”. If left unchallenged, we can start to feel defeated in building our financial success within our business and go to an extreme of “Since I never want to be like that, I won’t care about money, I’ll just care about people”, not recognizing that people need money, including you! If you look at the causes that you care about and want to support, what do they ask for most? It’s money, a financial contribution, usually requested to be ongoing, monthly and so on.

So, as a heart-centered business owner with a tender heart and a deep desire to be a force for good, I ask you to watch out for the little (or big) voice that may be whispering to you, “Money is bad, don’t want for money, it’ll make you like ONE OF THEM!”. Notice if that is there, possibly sabotaging you in the background, keeping you from going out and telling people who you are, what you do, what your mission is in the world, and then when appropriate, asking for the sale. Because you receiving money for your great work, isn’t dark and evil, it builds you up to become a greater force for good and gives you the leverage to create the change you choose to see in the world.

If you’d like to share your comments about your own “money shadow”, please leave them below. We can all benefit from your insights and use them to move ourselves out of “wanting money is greedy” into “having money fuels my mission in the world”.

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