Money Coaching with Mina

Money, Success & Empowerment Coaching for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

I help smart, heart-centered entrepreneurs who love what they do,

but struggle with entrepreneurial overwhelm and the fear of marketing

and selling their services. I show them how to overcome their money-mindset

blocks and fears of being visible so they can get SEEN, HEARD, and PAID!”


Where YOUR success is MY business!



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Money Coaching with Mina

Money, Success & Empowerment Coaching for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

I help smart, heart-centered entrepreneurs who love what they do, but struggle with entrepreneurial overwhelm and the fear of marketing and selling their services. I show them how to overcome their money-mindset blocks and fears of being visible so they can get SEEN, HEARD, and PAID!”


Where YOUR success is MY business! 

Start HereWork with Me

Start Here

Work with Me

1:1 Tapping into Wealth Coaching Program

Up-level your financial success and personal power in business and life working one on one with me as your Expert Tapping into Wealth Coach. In this program, we will work together to uncover and resolve the key areas of your conscious and unconscious mind that affect your income, savings, debt, personal power, and marketing and sales efforts.  Talk with me about how to transform Your Money Mindset & Personal Power!

Money Mindset Breakthrough VIP Day

This focused 4 hour session will be a deep dive into the process(es) of the Tapping into Wealth work. Starting with an assessment and questionnaire, we will decide together what to focus on for this intensive, powerful session. Topics may include: Healing childhood money paradigms, Overcoming fears of raising prices, Releasing painful financial trauma, Releasing inner blocks to selling and self-promotion.

Tapping into Wealth Transformation Group Coaching

In this 7 week virtual coaching program, I will guide you and your fellow group buddies through the powerful, unparalleled brilliance of the Tapping Into Wealth processes. This series is designed to empower and liberate you from the generational wealth programming that has been limiting and sabotaging your money without your knowledge or choice!

What People Are Saying

At Money Coaching With Mina, I know what exceptional customer service means, and I go the extra mile to make sure my clients are highly satisfied with our work together. I’ve helped my clients transform their lives thanks to the brilliance of the Tapping into Wealth program. I’m so proud to see them on the path toward success. Here’s what my amazing client are saying:

“I chose to work with Mina because she was compassionate and helped me feel comfortable to be myself. As a self-employed entrepreneur, I struggled with a lack of peace around my finances and I had difficulty creating a consistent flow of income. Since working with Mina I have doubled my income and it continues to come in at a steady pace! I have discovered a calmness and peace with my money now and I am feeling much more empowered and confident overall.”

S.B., Vancouver WA


“Before I met Mina, I struggled with procrastination. I knew what I needed to do in my new business venture, but I just didn’t do it, and I couldn’t figure out what was stopping me. In a series of eye-opening coaching sessions, Mina helped me identify and clear the unconscious connections to some significant events in the recent and more distant past. I immediately began to take action and seeing obvious results – both in my productivity and in my income. Mina always has the right process and the right words to get me unstuck and excited about moving forward. I highly recommend her!”

M.S., Texas

Life Coach

“When I started working with Mina, I was setting goals and not taking action. I seemed to keep hitting a ceiling in my progress. She helped me gain a deeper understanding of the deeper pattern at work as well as it roots and history. We started to slowly work through it. Now, I support, forgive and accept myself for where I am. I work toward my goals, appreciate my progress, and keep a clear eye on my challenges. I work through my emotions and use the techniques I learned to tap through them. I am more productive, organized and focused. I have more confidence that I can set an intention/goal and reach it.”

L.S., San Francisco Bay Area

Information Technology Project Manager

“Before working with Mina, I struggled with life direction and having the confidence to create my own path. I chose her as my coach because she listened and understood me, from our first conversation. She never patronized or made me feel small. She was kind and encouraging and empowering. Through our work together I discovered answers to the question of what I really want to accomplish, my purpose, and tools to move from the dream to reality. I ended up launching my own business and wrote a book about my experience!
I am so happy because now I have a strong sense of vision, and tools to help me when I find myself needing a boost. The EFT practice was helpful, and Mina created several great scripts for me as I worked through multiple issues using EFT. She was an effective coach, guide, and mentor, and a pleasure to work with!”

S.G, Ketchikan, Alaska


“When I started my coaching with Mina, the problem I had was that I was feeling like my money patterns were going in circles. Although, I had finally reached my income goal, I still would feel the scarcity of money. I was not managing my money and couldn’t understand why I kept avoiding it. I felt lost in my career and stretched so thin by working a demanding corporate job and trying to make additional income through starting a business on the side that didn’t make me feel fulfilled.

I really needed something to help me break through this feeling of being stuck. I wanted help in discovering what was my purpose in this life. After my 1st conversation with Mina, I felt really comfortable opening up to Mina because she understood what I was looking for.
The thing that was the most transformational for me was that I could finally feel safe to just pause and make decisions for myself. I stopped feeling obligated to take on the responsibility for other people’s happiness or being afraid to disappoint people. I was able to walk through past events and acknowledge each event that may have been causing limiting beliefs or self doubt. After tapping, I would instantly feel a sense of relief and peacefulness.
The results I see is the growth in myself confidence to be able to express my true feelings and work towards a fulfilling career/business that I am passionate about. I am more present with my children and working on continuing to strengthen my emotional connection with my husband. I am no longer chasing after things that really don’t matter to me as I am now clear on what I value in life. I’ve had many people say that they’ve seen a change in me and can sense that I am happy, relaxed and at peace. I credit this change in me and my relationships to Mina who is an amazing Coach. I was seeking wealth and success, and I found happiness. Thank you Mina!”

L.C., San Francisco Bay Area

Compensation Analyst

“If you are looking for a positive environment with great energy to tap into your wealth, then look to Money Coaching with Mina. Tonight I completed my 5th session learning more amazing techniques that I feel very confident will boost my income and future “money flow”. It’s a great feeling to uncover possible “blocks” in your life that may be holding you back from your unlimited potential. Mina has a non-judging, graceful way that allowed me to feel completely at ease and express myself with no hesitations. I am looking forward to our next series of sessions in the upcoming weeks!”

L.F., San Francisco Bay Area

Residential/Commercial Painting Company Owner

“I started coaching with Mina mainly out of curiosity. I completed a business coaching program previously and was intrigued by Mina’s focus on Money. I have spent my life struggling financially and have never felt at ease with the subject of money. I was surprised to learn how much of a role my family paradigm has impacted me from a financial perspective. Mina has a calm and fun way of presenting the material that is very unique. The subject of money is no longer a burden to me. My stress level has decreased dramatically and my business is thriving like never before. We are on pace to double our revenue from last year which is not a coincidence. Thank you Mina!”

C.F., San Francisco Bay Area

Residential and Commercial Painting Company

“I had never worked with a coach before. After meeting Mina and listening to an introductory talk given by her, I decided to give it a try and work with Mina. I am a firm believer that the universe wants to give me all that I truly want. I also know that the universe cannot give me what my unconscious mind blocks me from receiving. Working with Mina allowed me to identify some unconscious blocks buried deep in my subconscious. Mina uses “tapping” EFT [emotional freedom technique] to release emotional blocks. This allows our subconscious mind to be clear, and in receiving mode with the universe. Although Mina’s curriculum during our coaching sessions was focused on creating more wealth, EFT tapping can be used to solve other emotional issues that linger in people, such as a trauma experienced in ones past.
One of the things that happened after I started coaching sessions with Mina, was that I set a goal to increase my liquid non-retirement account savings to six months of my actual monthly expenses. After speaking with my wife about this, she agreed that it is something she wanted as well, and will help to accumulate it. I learned that this is something that will not only be a good financial safety cushion, but will remove much of the financial stress and fear within me. By losing that stress and fear, I am clearer about my success and allow the universe to freely send me what I desire. I am happy to say that we are well on our way to achieving this new goal.

Life is a journey, not a destination. Tapping is a great tool and I will use tapping for the rest of my life to increase amount of happiness, success and abundance that I experience in my life.”

B.E., San Francisco Bay Area

Insurance and Financial Services Professional

“I originally hired Mina because I knew I needed help to break out of negative patterns that were sabotaging my business and my savings – things like not setting firmer boundaries with clients, taking on tasks, costs and responsibilities that weren’t really mine, and over-committing in ways that were draining my energy, enthusiasm, and my bank account. The thing that was the most transformational for me is that I was able to let go of the feelings of obligation to pay for things in my business and personal life that weren’t really my responsibility. The results were that I lowered my business expenses (resulting in a higher profit margin) and I’ve gained back more time because I’m not taking on tasks I shouldn’t be taking on. That’s priceless! My sessions with Mina were fun and I left feeling empowered and energized. She is very easy to talk to and her approach really made sense to me. I’ve seen positive results in my personal and business relationships as a result of working with her. The tools and resources she’s taught me continue to help me overcome challenges in my business and gain the perspective I need to make decisions that serve me and my business. She is a fantastic coach and I recommend her without a doubt!

J.L, San Francisco Bay Area

Real Estate Professional

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